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October 11, 2013, 03:10:43 PM on

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The Tiger XC is my first Triumph and also my first 3 cylinder bike.

I have searched "idling" and found quite a number of complaints but I fortunately don't have those.

Being used to singles, V- twins and straight 4's, the Tiger seems to have a bit of an offbeat irregular idle. I have heard people speaking about this but must admit it never sounds quite right to me- almost as if timing is not right or so.

Is this a normal thing and is everyone experiencing the same? Once the bike starts running everything seems 100% its just that damn shaky instead of sweet  purring idling  :icon_scratch:
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Just givin' this a bump in the hope someone gives the guy a reply.
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Although is very difficult to diagnose  percieved issues like this, I don't think you have anything too much to worry about, the 800's do tend to sound lumpy at idle, I can only put that down to the lower stroke of the base 675 engine which has a similar sound at idle.

If you are concerned I can only suggest you take it in to the dealer under warranty and ask them to double check that the latest ECU tune has been loaded. There was an updated tune issued within the first production year to address complaints that it was too easy to stall when pulling away from a stop with a hot engine. The new tune and a slightly adjustment to the stock idle stored,  I can't recall the actual tune numbers but the dealer should have done it during the first service.  There's any easy way to check if the updated tune has been installed.  With the engine warm, put the bike in first gear, now slowly let the clutch out without touching the throttle.  If the engine revs increase slightly as you reach clutch engagement point, then the newer tune is installed. If the revs reduce then it's still the older tune.

Hope that helps.
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Triples do sound a little "off beat" because they have three firing strokes followed by three exhaust strokes. So it could be looked at as a "big bang" engine.
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