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No, stator should come out fine with your hands if you give it a firm pull.
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Its the Rotor you need a puller for, not the stator. A tip for putting it back is to get some long threaded bar same thread as the stator cover bolts, 3 lengths about 6" long, wrap the exposed thread with plastic tape and screw them in lightly to the case at equal intervals, this makes it a lot easier to line the cover up and keeps the gasket in place when your fighting with the magnet pull, then just replace with the normal bolts once its home.

Oh yeah, the mandrel is for the Rotary Breather seal. New seals come with a plastic mandrel in them to keep the shape. If your motor starts burning a lot of oil thats the first thing to look at
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Just done stator and regrec on my Blackbird. The, Electrex world one's lasted 12 years, twice as long as the original Honda ones.
Elextrexworld still do the best fault finding procedure around. Their late model MOSFET reg rec now connects direct to the battery to remove any weakness in the bike loom. Pretty much the "Stretch" mod tbh. It also comes with a plate to mount it with the airflow going through the fins instead of 90 deg to it and there's a video showing how to solder as well as crimp the connectors. It's almost as if they read our posts😂😂😂
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