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My second last ride in the Northern Territory before moving to Sydney and the bigsmoke (sob)

The plan was to take in the famous Kamfari Enduro then continue on out to Gunn point, about 100 East of Darwin.

The Kamfari is famous for its deep bogholes and the toll it takes on riders and machines. It's a Hare Scrambles format, so as long as you cross the finishline after the four hour mark you get counted as a finisher. This guys bike had been well Kamfaried and he parked it just before the finish line

Its supposed to be winter here but the temperature was still in the 90s. Lucky there were one or two watering holes for us spectators.

This guy was still running hard at the 3hr 50 mark. He was using the Kamfari as a warmup for the Finke Desert race. How does meter deep ooze prepare you for a 500k desert race? I have no idea!

Heading out from the race, the run out to Gunn point was fast, mainly smooth dirt so I could run at 70mph most of the way:

Getting to the point was a bit more challenging, mostly hard sand with a few soft patches just to make it interesting before getting to the point.

There are better beaches in Oz. There are beaches where you don't have to choose between being eaten by a shark or a Croc, but there are not that many places this close to population centers where you can have the place almost to yourself.

I'm going to miss it.
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I do love ride reports from 'round the world.