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New tune 020630 observations......

Started by Anonymous, September 19, 2011, 02:43:01 PM

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Just got back from having the 6K service done along with having new centre stand springs and the new tune installed.

Firstly I'll just say that my bike didn't have the "stalling" issue. So.............
It does seem to have a smoother pick up off a closed throttle but the biggest change I noticed was that the revs rise slightly as you let out the clutch with it in gear. I thought that it could be a new feature to help prevent stalling when pulling away so, as an experiment, I tried riding along up hill with a closed throttle. Now, parts of my street is at about 1in5 or a 20% grade and it pulled up that on idle with my right hand off the grip. WOW!:clap
Apart from those two things nothing has changed. It still goes like a good 'un.
2013 800XC 33000 miles & counting.


I too had the center stand spring and tune refitting/installed.

With regards to the tune - I haven't really noticed any changes! I also never had the stalling issue - so I can't say if it helps!

All-in-all - I'm still a VERY happy chappy!
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