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Diesel Tiger and other Diesel stuff here

Started by Mustang, December 14, 2008, 06:46:00 PM

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I got this link from Yahoo TriumphTiger site .
A gent in UK I believe converted his steamer over to a diesel so he could ride in countrys or places that don't have gasoline but have good ol diesel .


Wow, that would completely destroy the character of the bike, IMO. :cry:

But it would do wonders for the reliability factor. :lol:
From parts unknown.

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A Lombardini diesel motor, flat out 85mph but 125mpg, just one question..........Why?
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I can't believe how much work had to go into this project.  Its kind of cool.  It has its own character.  I don't think I would go riding off into the unknown on it, it bound to breakdown and have issues.


I would love to convert to diesel!  Doesn't the military have diesel KLRs?  There was an article out a couple years ago saying they were going to start making them for the public...haven't seen any yet, though.
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Check this out, a Blue Steamer with a 3 cylinder diesel doing wheelies and burn outs!





Yeah what a racket and that primary belt looks pretty exposed but....

Low down torque doesn't appear to be a problem.

Weight appears to be moderate and reas performance.

Much increased fuel range due to decreased consumption and maybe more practical on a transcontinental tour as diesel may be more available.

I'd like to know more!
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That sounds worse than an LC4... or a Buell...  :shock:

Diesel KLRs... those were meant to come out to us mere civilians at a price of $10,000 or more... and at the end of the day... its still a KLR.   :icon_scratch


Quote from: "cascadetiger"Check this out, a Blue Steamer with a 3 cylinder diesel doing wheelies and burn outs!

That one is in Germany. I don't think they sound to much different from a proper steamer. :twisted:  :ImaPoser
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right now all that's there is the parts I've ordered or have. Just ordered engine today.  Thus now I'm BROKE

As the project actually gets underway, you guys please do fire away questions and comments in this thread.  I'm assuming you guys will have plenty of questions, suggestions, comments etc.  Don't want folk to feel like they have to join the Diesel Bike Board just to speak up.  

Look forward to the upcoming conversations.
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grrrrr.. spoke too soon I guess.

Just ran into a major snag.  Build is on hold.
COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)