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I got this link from Yahoo TriumphTiger site .
A gent in UK I believe converted his steamer over to a diesel so he could ride in countrys or places that don't have gasoline but have good ol diesel .

Wow, that would completely destroy the character of the bike, IMO. :cry:

But it would do wonders for the reliability factor. :lol:

John Stenhouse:
A Lombardini diesel motor, flat out 85mph but 125mpg, just one question..........Why?

I can't believe how much work had to go into this project.  Its kind of cool.  It has its own character.  I don't think I would go riding off into the unknown on it, it bound to breakdown and have issues.

I would love to convert to diesel!  Doesn't the military have diesel KLRs?  There was an article out a couple years ago saying they were going to start making them for the public...haven't seen any yet, though.


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