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Diesel Tiger and other Diesel stuff here

Started by Mustang, December 14, 2008, 06:46:00 PM

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this months Motorcycle Sport and Leisure (Nov 2011) features a Tiger fitted with a diesel Smart Car engine...

more info on the bike and ride to Nepal here...

Yankee Dog


This has been around for a few years now. His price for a bike is not unreasonable really at £9450, compared to the Dutch Track
which I believe is about £15K and uses the same engine, albeit with some re-tuning. Some might argue the Tiger based bike makes more sense as all the parts should be obtainable for years to come whereas the Track company may not be around tomorrow
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Quote from: "BigDan"

I'd definately have one, 100mpg on a big bike?! Awesome.
That is the advantage asked for earlier.  100mpg+  yet still hit highway speeds. With Veg. oil fuel added in there.... your looking maybe at 300mpg of diesel usage.   As to highway speeds.....  (75mph+) this is crucial in the USA cause if you putt-putt along like a 100+mpg scooter does you'll get your ass run over by a cager. It's just not safe even in town.

Moving forward:
Mine is slowly coming together.  About as slow as slug on a journey across the US but.. still slogging along.... well slugging along.

Tiger One I traded to a fabricator, Motorcycle mechanic, general machinest backyarder.  Trade is for building mine.  Mine; Tiger two, is slowly getiting pulled apart, cleanded, design stage, but mostly awaiting prayers for funds to buy parts (engine) with.  Had gone bankrupt and lost everything but the two bikes.  Call me stubborn.  

Got a job about month ago in TN so things will pick up a tiny bit.   Granted my pay is about same I got in same position when I was 18yrs old (and Im 50yrs with 35+yrs exp) but sometimes ya just got to roll forward with it.
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Hey Coach is back among the living again ................ :eusa_dance


Good stuff, hang in there mate, somebody will recognise the value of your experience in the not too distant future I hope  8)
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Quote from: Sin_TigerGood stuff, hang in there mate, somebody will recognise the value of your experience in the not too distant future I hope  <!-- s8) -->8)<!-- s8) -->
Not "hangin in there"  or anywhere else  <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->   Find that rolling on forward to the next necessary step works much better than just hanging.  That's sorta leaves you with a choking feeling and gets you no where but maybe 6 feet true due south.
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Some times things roll slow and with great difficulty....... like....... up a rock face but......... hey you roll on anyway.

My Diesel engine and Transmission (CVT off a Polaris) is now sitting in TX.  Just so happens they are sitting in the same place my Tiger(s) are sitting.  Which just so happens to be a slow moving custom bike shop.  (Retirement fun for biz owner). as mentioned in earlier thread; trading  this fella (Curtis*) to do the work  The trade is my second Tiger.  He has a bit larger Diesel engine ready to go in that one for him.  He's also 80lb? heavier than me.

Im in OH. had to move again to make a living.  An extra advantage....... motorcycle riding school to get license is low cost and provided by state. 100's of dollars cheaper here than in TX :D

So far plan A, or B,  Goal: Tuck CVT away out of harm and elements way. Keep to a bike whose width is similar to typical Steamer.  or last resort: a wider bike via Plan  C

A- mount D722 Kubota (690+-cc engine) with flywheel to left. Chain drive to CVT tucked out of harms way under seat. Both cvt clutches on different jackshafts.  Secodary/Driven clutch's  jackshaft also holds small sprocket for rear chain drive. 

B. mount D722 with flywheel toward rearwheel.  CVT tucked under seat along with a chain drive to Universal for a shaft type final drive's shaft. Final drive off a ?? Goldwing or Bmw orrr? ( Chain -n- sprockets in this setup is to keep ability to change sprockets for tuning since final drive ratio........ is well........ Final. Can't adjust  ) This is similar to Track Diesel bike cept he had final drive custom made to appropriate ratio; thus no need for chain/sprockets as proposed in this plan.

C. suffer with wider steamer and have primary clutch of CVT mounted to flywheel on left side of bike.  Wider than I like. Only slightly wider though than the more conventional diesel conversion which uses 3" belt drive to harley Ultima Tranny*. jackshaft on Secondary/Driven clutch which also holds small sprocket for rear wheel chain drive.

search diesel Tiger on youtube to find a few of Heicko's Steamer with Ultima and belt drive.  That one though is 2" belt and he says it cant handle diesel torque thus now builds them with  3" belt drives

*This is why my engine and pieces never ended up for sale.  Curtis did not want to take time and to find storage for parted down bike.  Just wait till its time to start the conversion is what the plan become. Sorry Fella's

PS- those on the Europe side of the ocean.......... Neils Diesel Tiger is the way to go.  Hit him up.  See first post of this thread. 
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CVT arrived in Tx at Curtis's place. They're a bit bigger than Comet units buttt......if the secondary/driven is larger diameter then should have a higher top range than the Comet's?

Im excited. This has been some damn long in the making.

Still some little stuff on my side I can do here in OH like shopping around for ancillary parts I needed (and some not NEEDED) that fit my budget while Curtis is working on bike. So far I picked up:

Must haves cause I had none of the below any more

. Sidi Summer Riding boots molded in sole. Used from an Inmate at a fair price  (Inmate= Member of
. Oneal Element boots (sewn in soles......... allows me to add to sole so the tall bike fits my shorter legs better). Used from a Local. Maybe a bit high at $35usd for the amount of scrapes but wanted the sewn in sole.
. Joe Rocket Alter Ego All weather Adv. pants, liner, armour. Used Once; from an Inmate at a fair price.
. Registered for USA State of OH required riding school. Steal at 50 bucks for helmet and bike included. Will take their other ones probably too. End of May on a weekend I wont have athletes at a competition.

Picked up "new" protection (thanks to advice from Inmate)

. New helmet on sale (Gmax GM11S)

. New water proof gloves on sale

Yes I believe in ATGATT.    All The riding  Gear All The Time

One NOT NEEDED yet but deal was too good and it rounds things out NICE since this is meant to be an adventure bike

Custom home-brewed Panniers!! Used.  Besides I like the lay it down protection good panniers provide the bike and rider - Curtis can make brackets to fit them no problem

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Now there's confidence for you, engine not in the bike yet and some serious farkling going on already  :notworthy
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint


Quote from: Sin_Tiger on February 23, 2013, 05:47:21 AM
Now there's confidence for you, engine not in the bike yet and some serious farkling going on already  :notworthy
To avoid confusion; those pics are of them mounted on seller's bike.

Wasn't planning on any Farkling yet but the price was just too good. Heck name brand Aluminium Panniers as most of ya know are up to what....... 800-1500usd a set w/mount yet still say 600-1000usd for used ones.  This was 350 total with shipping and if they work as stated and look as good as in the pics....... I don't care if the brand is "made in my garage"  Beside like I said......... really do think this type Pannier is a safety feature for bike and rider. My career requires good enough health to juggle a mom and dad's priceless pride and joy thru the air (their kids). Thus my body has to remain in tact, sharp and beyond just healthy. Can't afford for some cager or my own oops take away my livelihood and passion(s).
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so what is different about this Girly.  Speaking german is cheating

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Yes this a diesel  tiger but that is not the point.  Trying to Decipher if the skid plate on this is home brewed or a modified skid plate available for a normal steamer. It might also be a cradle the engine sits in?

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Anyone know what engine thats from? Doesn't look that bad really,I could live with that if it returned 100mpg :thumbsup
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