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Diesel Tiger and other Diesel stuff here

Started by Mustang, December 14, 2008, 06:46:00 PM

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Quote from: "Sinnergy".....
Post your sizes; I'll bet that there're a lot of riders on the forum with perfectly serviceable pants, boots, gloves, etc. wasting away in a back closet.  ...
have no clue about sizing done in the bike world.

I'm 5'8" a whopping 150lb or so.

30-32" waste.  Inseam around the same.

Shoes I wear 9-10.... matters the brand.
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tiger Service Manual Arrived  

Hit Air Jacket arrived (switched to Euro over Motorad at last minute.  Euro has zip out winter liner making it more 4 season

kubota Engine.... LOST :evil:  :evil:   Shipping company has lost it.   :?  :oops:  :evil:  :evil:
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Well it's got some work to do to make it a true ADV. Beast and not just a look like beast (no skid plate yet) buttttt.. it is now available from TRACK out of Holland.  Mechanically the engine is a beast that is for sure.  More on that discussed below.

The big news is... its no longer just talk and prototypes...  Its sister bike.. more of a Roadie version of the one pictured below is out and new owners have taken the first wave of deliveries.

Shaft drive,
CVT Auto Tranny
2wd is in the works.  It has actually be developed.. just not being sold yet.

Bike pictured is T-800CDI Explorer 1E

Yes... CDI... engine's are manufactured by MERCEDES.  Same engine that is in the diesel Smart Car. 3cyl turbo diesel

if it passed a shake down test this bike could win the Dakar cause NO FUEL STOPS... at 100mpg.  May be too heavy though... and the 450 restriction.. oh well... guess not.

COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)


I looked at this a few months back, not much update on the websites since then, infuriatingly I can't seem to find the price either.

I think it looks great and that they have managed to keep the weight down is amazing. Not so sure about the full canbus dash though, looks like a BMW I-Drive, yeugh!
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price was high.

Email him.  Contact info on the web site.

I'm just glad its not just a prototype any more... they are actually getting delivered!
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man thats cool.  im diggin the diesel thing alot.
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Very odd muffler placement for such a bike...
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I thought they had an indicative price on the site about a year ago when they first released it... but Coach is right it was hi, 20K euro springs to mind but it may have been a few percent each way... But money aside I'd love to ride one.
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They musta got a deal on a bunch of Buell mufflers & installed them backwards. $25K USD ?!  Yikes!  Very cool though - 100mpg is pretty fantabulous.


And dealer suport?  Parts availability?
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I liek the thought of a diesel bike,

  that thing looks like a KTM adventurer, a Buell, and a Tiger 1050 had a threesome...


Well since its a Mercedes engine... you got a ton of dealer support already in the bag.  The CVT is also nearly off the shelf...  

Really think there wont be a parts problem. Like Buel they did not start  totally from scratch.  

Speaking of CVT... I learned from Erik at EVA (the manufacture) that the CVT is not only covered but water cooled.  Only on the display models is the CVT Exposed.

Also there IS a skid plate available.
COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)


COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)


That would have been worth it if you had killed that blasted "music"!

I just wanted to see and hear the bike !    :cry:
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How's the 'project' coming coach?  You got the unit in the frame yet? :wink:
Is it really an adventure bike if its wheels never see dirt?