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Explorer Foum?

Started by JetdocX, August 10, 2012, 07:17:17 AM

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The're out now.  I might go ride one, thus fooking my finances for another year.  WTF, if I don't spend it on bikes, the government gets it anyways. :lol:
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I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint


That's the XC announced, to almost nobody's surprise. I quite like the green Steamer, not quite so sure about this though.
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint


I normally ride a Tiger 955i, and have done over 74,000 miles on that.  Decided to take the Explorer out for a test ride.  Initial thoughts from a short spin on the demo bike:
Very nice engine.  Smooth all the way through the rev range, smoother that the 955i.
Nicely balanced weight  -although you can feel that it is heavier than the 955i
Screen is better than the MRA equipped 955i.
Seat is narrower and harder than 955i seat and relationship between bars, pedals and saddle are different therefore will take some getting used to. 
Didn't try the lights - will take one for another spin when evenings close in.   
Have started saving anyway.

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I just hope it has a larger Fuel Tank.


Quote from: Tiger Blue on September 18, 2012, 09:29:11 PM
I just hope it has a larger Fuel Tank.

It doesn't. However it looks as though it's a bit more frugal than my 955. Average fuel use on the one I test rode was 5.4l/100ks as opposed to @6.2 for my Girly with 120ks ( 75kmiles) on the clock.

I'd agree with swtigeruk on most of his impressions. The stock screen on Dora is miles better than the stocker, or even the tall on my 955, however it still requires improvement to be as good at my bracket and tall screen set up.

What impressed me most about Dora was the way Triumph has worked the geometry equation so that the 19" front wheel doesn't feel as ponderous turning on the road. I jumped from my Tiger onto a Sprint GT then onto Dora and finally an 800XC. Dora steers impressively well for a big girl.

Went very well on the short bit of gravel in the test loop as well. Loved the cruise control and TC!

And that motor, just about perfect. Triumph have nailed this one, people will buy it for the motor alone.

The XC murders it in overall light feel however, much easier to chuck around and fot my intended usage it is the better overall package. Can I have an 800XC with cruise and TC Mr Bloor? 
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I'll agree with the nimbleness, felt as easy and perhaps even better balanced than my Roadie in traffic and quicker than my XC out on the highway (21" wheel I expect)

The engine is in a class of it's own but after playing with all the GS's over the weekend on the XC I never felt short on power or pace only balls or brains on a couple of occasions, so I'm beginning to question if I really need the 1215, bound to be different once really loaded up and with a pillion.

Nice to have the choice though, thank you Mr Bloor  :notworthy
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint



For those of us that have only ridden Tiger's since their introduction in 1990, and will only ride a British bike, has to be a "Big Trailie", has to have the range of the previous Tiger's like the 885 - 955, then this bike is yet another disappointment from Triumph.

In my opinion, Triumph really lost their way with the introduction of the 1050 road only Tiger and seem to have forgotton their roots. They are promoting the Explorer as a "world conquerer" for the "ultimate adventurer". And it only has a tank range of 150 miles. So as you conquer the world, there has to be a fuel station every 150 miles. What a load of bollox they are spouting ;-(   

I would quite happily throttle the Tiger design team by the neck until they give us a Tiger that has tank range to actually go somewhere !!!

I'm sure that eventually there will be an Explorer with an extendable range just so they've got the BMW GSA market covered.
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Guys.. a good friend just completed about a 4000 mile trip
through the Tetons, Rockies, Canada to Mexico......
on his Explorer.... 45mpg... I'd say that's pretty good....
he carries 2,  1 gallon gas cans, didn't need them.

My '06 may be seeing shorter days in its stall!
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Traded my Girly for a TEX in July.  I have put 1700 miles on the TEX and I too am averaging 44-45 MPG.  Trip range is between 200-220 miles.  The stock screen is great, stock seat is better than the 955 but does not come close to the comfort of the Corbin.  Because the seat height of the Explorer is lower, you do not notice the extra weight of the bike.  Overall I have been very pleased with the transition. 


Alp good news, I'm hoping the Trophy is at least as good.  The launch  journos were reporting over 50 and they don't usually spare the whip on those rides  :icon_rolleyes:
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint


I to have had my TEX since July and at first  I got around 170 miles at tank but only used 4.3 gals.  42 mpg. The more you ride the better the fuel mileage gets. I now have 6800 mile on it and I get 210 per tank 4.8 gals(out of a 5.3 gallon tank) and it does let you know how many miles left to empty after it drops to 2 bars on the fuel gauge. I feel it actually has a better ride than my old tiger. Of course with anything new you have to get a feel for it. I got this in the middle of a trip to California so It defiantly learning by the seat of your pants.I do admit getting use to the throttle by wire was a big adjustment for my other bike.   
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I barely notice the throttle now (Trophy) , I'd anything it's made me relax more. I've only managed to get the economy below 50 mpg (UK measures) once, most of the time is in the high 50's but that's probably an effect of the Trophy mapping.

With now over 5k miles,  I think it's just about settled, fantastic engine.
I used to have long hair, took acid and went to hip joints. Now I long for hair, take antacid and need a new hip joint