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ok guys........ looking for ideas.  Want to High Visibility paint job on my Steamer yet somehow keep it from looking like "Pimp My Ride".  All my riding Gear is black except my Hi-Vis Yellow helmet.   I found Hi-Vis material and cloth webbing I can add to the pants, jacket etc. that I can get someone to sew on the gear to be a bit more hi-vis out of what I have and maybe keep a bit of classic look.

Yellow bike like old yamaha's?

Don't want Gaudy Police BMW

While the version on the bike in bottom right corner below not bad

Granted I could paint the Hi-Vis yellow helmet to Hi-Vis orange and go with Orange instead?

Gloss Black bike with Hi-Vis Yellow (or Orange)  Tiger sticker or custom paint orrr?

Flat Black like above?

Gunsmoke Grey like above?

Any Artist in here got a simple idea? Any good Photo Shopper's who can make up some models?

Hi Viz is over rated ....it doesn't necessarily work .

Defensive riding works far better , take an MSF course .


--- Quote from: Mustang on March 14, 2013, 05:53:11 AM ---Hi Viz is over rated ....it doesn't necessarily work .

Defensive riding works far better , take an MSF course .

--- End quote ---
A study done in Europe disagrees with you about Hi vis not working. Studies in visual eye capture of sport ball (Tennis, baseball, Soccer etc) disagree too. Granted there might also be studies to counter studies on the topic of High Vis bikes though. Just have not run across them.

MSF course #1 already signed up and paid for.  Plan on taking level 2 as well and possibly level 3 once I get more acquainted with how it handles.

Interesting topic of Conspicuous over at Adv. Riders sheds some great light on the subject (pardon the pun)


I know many people who drank the Hi viz kool-aid and still got hit by cars .

The average car driver just doesn't see motorcycles , even if they are flashing NEON fucking pink .

This aint yurope.....................
get some real world experience  and then get back to me !


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