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Started by frenchy, August 08, 2013, 11:43:20 PM

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Hi-ya folks, new on the forum so thought I'd introduce mysel'
I've been riding for many a year an mostly owned Jap bikes coming from a generation when Brit bikes were in decline. However this time last year I invested my hard earned,an traded in my Z1000, in an explorer an i havn't regretted it once!. Yes there have been times when I've had the odd aggro but my dealer an Triumph have always come up trumps. So still out riding an enjoying every minute. All the best frenchy, hopefully included a pic for your perusal.


Bienvenue Mon ami  :icon_wink: glad you found this place. Not a lot of Explorer traffic but you may just change that.  Hope you find it entertaining and maybe even helpful.
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