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I'm committed now. After spending a couple of days going around the various UK chair makers, talking to some very helpful people in the British Sidecar Federation, I am pretty well sold on the idea and more importantly so is the wife.

One thing that has come to the fore is that there are almost as many opinions on every topic, forks, shocks, tyres,  steering dampers etc. as there are chair makes. I will find out myself with all the advice to hand.

One thing is certain, you are not going to put a new chair on a bike for much less than £ 10k excluding the bike. Deciding not to throw money at it I have managed to source a second hand early Hedingham S/S that I intend to fit to the Steamer I bought from Jay in NI last year (it's still in his shed).

Plan is to get it all together on a budget and see how we like it before starting to spend a lot on leading link forks, rims, tyres and matching paint job. I have treasurer's approval  this plan and there may be a Trophy (two wheeled type) at the end of the tunnel if I can pull this off.

I am off to Dubai for a few weeks on Sunday so the project is not going to get started till October when I'll hire a van and collect all the parts together in one place and get the welder fired up.

This is the photo that started it all.

be forewarned ........you will either Love it or Hate it .
There is no middle ground  ! :bug_eye

If it turns out you love it , you may as well sell your other bikes cuz you will very rarely ride them .

Tigger 2 has No Chair and has not even been started since last September .

Tigger 4 is the same .

Tigger 3 has a chair and runs daily . I like to think it's because the sidecar has to be moved to get the other tiggers out of the garage , but that just isn't the real reason .

That's a common comment I hear, like it or hate that is.

The main protagonist for this is my missus wanting to join in the fun but in a bit more comfort for longer runs. So I need at least one bike that I can still get some me time, there is still a bit of hooligan in me yet  :icon_wink:

if you love it , you'll see what I mean .
you can still be a hooligan with the chair .............trust me  :thumbsup

Sorry in advance for the highjack. Still relevant though. :icon_biggrin:
 Mustang, I have a couple of old Soviet era outfits and am planning on mounting one of the hacks to my Tiger. I am on the scrounge for sub-frame plans and the like. I ask because as the saying goes, I don't want to re-invent the wheel. I plan on fabricating it myself, largely on account of I am in Sweden and getting something shipped from the US and then paying EU/Swedish customs duty makes it prohibitively expensive. ( They even charge 25% on the cost of shipping) Having built 2 sidecars, 1 a trials outfit and the other an enduro/mx one, I believe I am up to the task.  :new_all_coholic Getting it through Swedish vehicle registry/inspection on the other hand...... :Topes


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