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Yeah..... diesel forum

Started by coachgeo, October 29, 2013, 03:55:16 AM

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Thanx for adding this forum.  maybe move my diesel threads into here? I might have posted one on the Track 800 too that might fit better in this forum. 

Wish there was more to report on my bike build but the fellow doing it is on "retired" time so it will get work done on it....... when it gets worked on :icon_confused:.

again thanks.
COACH POSER (Till Tribota Tiger's done & I'm riding it)


"Bump " your threads you want moved and it will be done



where is coachgeo at ?

come on dude , gotta be an update somewhere ? :^_^

this sub forum was created just for you ......................................


Yup, want to smell some "heavy heavy fuel"  :bad
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