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car tire for a pusher

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195/45-17 Yokohama S-Drive car tire fits very nicely on a 3 spoke Trophy rim .
Bolts right on to the steamer with room to spare for the chain and swingarm.
Handles oh so nice and the mileage from the tire is in the 20-30 k range instead of only 2- 3 k with a more expensive bike tire .
Another added bonus is much better traction off road , compared to the very small contact patch a bike tire gives on the hack .
I would say it is a must do mod if you are going to have three legs.

another added bonus is without modding anything a trophy three spoke will bolt right onto the rear of a Girly (1999-2004) bike also . but not on the 05's or 06's 

John Stenhouse:
Can you do this with the car tyre?

wheelie_war_wednesday_009_10302013 by john.stenhouse1, on Flickr

ALL DAY LONG ! :thumbsup

John Stenhouse:
Mmm, think I'm going to have to try this three legged business. Watsonian and squire are six miles away so a trip to Blockley might be planned if the weather improves.

Hi John

it's not for everyone .........
it seems there are two ways to go you either love it or hate it .
they go great in a straight line .
steering can be a little on the heavy side .
properly set up though and the rig corners great ............most of the time.
occasionally you will find a right hand turn (left hand for folks who ride on the other side of the road ) that she will want to just plow through to the other lane . :bug_eye
you learn how to read the road , ie if the roadbed leans into the turn as a good roadway should it is effortless to turn . flat corners or roads that lean out opposite of the turn are where things go bad for right turns (left for UK)
My tiger with the chair is pretty well set up and it's seen better than a ton on the interstates with no ill handling at all .
two lane backroads will sometimes get ya though .
and off road is certainly exiting when the terrain gets uneven . :bad

I  :love10 it haven't ridden tigger two with the 17 inch wheels in more than a year now . the sidecar gets the call every time .


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