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Solved the tire wear issue on the rear with a car tire .
The front tire is the new battleground now .
any of the dual sport tires just chewed right off in no time .
wicked cupping no matter what pressure they were at as well as the centers going bald .
the bike has rebuilt front forks from Traxxion Dynamics with cartridge emulators . It's not a suspension issue , it's a sidecar thing .
best tire so far has been a cheap ass cheng shin clone of a metzler me-88 .
cheng shin doesn't make them anymore though  :icon_sad:
they still suffered from the center wearing out though .

This is the Avon , hopefully it will last a while . only have about 400 or so miles on it so too soon to tell , but it does look promising . still looks like the day it got mounted .
added benefit was it got rid of the wig wag at 30 mph that most sidecar rigs suffer from .

old school baby !

Bixxer Bob:
That's like I remember on my granddad's old 650cc BSA outfit  :icon_biggrin:

Try an Avon Speedmaster MkII (rear).  You'll possibly get similar mileage but it should hang on a bit better.  Of course, I don't use teleforks.
I always found the Sidecar Triple Duty seemed to never wear out.
Didn't provide a lot of grip, either.

Henry James:
Avon tire details?  What size, where did you purchase it, etc.

it only comes in 1 size . 3.50 x19 its speed rated to 75 mph but I've done 85 sustained for few hours straight on interstate no problem .
sky didn't fall & didn't burst into flames.  :thumbsup

I got it from Amazon for best price but it came from Chapparral .
Several places online sell it but the price is anywhere fom 110 to 175 depending where you get it ..........Amazon was best price . :bad


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