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Simple stuff you really SHOULD get round to doing.

Started by Bixxer Bob, March 18, 2014, 10:56:41 AM

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Sounds like it was in need of an overhaul and seal kit  :nod so you saved yourself some work too :icon_wink:
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£30 off that well known auction site and the jobs a good'n.
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Bixxer Bob

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Earlier today while riding every now and then I kept feeling what I thought was a slight increase in a buzz through the bars, but you know how it is, maybe I was imagining it.

Anyway, just went out to the garage to give her a quick wipe over with a cloth and the above came back into my mind, I know, I'll just go round with the torque wrench, blimey,  all the main mounts needed a significant tighten, and yes, I did them in the recommended sequence. So, if you havent for a while might be worth a check.

All main mount bolts (TX55 and 16mm) are 80Nm, the 12mm Bolts for the L/H head bracket are 30Nm.

Sequence, according to Haynes book of lies: Head Bracket First then;  L/H Front; R/H Front; L/H Middle; L/H Rear Upper; L/H Rear Lower; R/H Middle; R/H Rear Upper; R/H Rear Lower
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Rinsing out those removable inserts in your helmet... you know yours stinks. :icon_rolleyes:

I fill my sink up with warm water and some dish washing liquid (i.e. mild detergent). Let that foam rubber soak and squeeze out all of the air under water. Then soak them in clean water and dry.

I can use my full face again! :occasion14


We all obsess about brake pads, discs and calipers. I'm fond of saying don't forget the master cylinder as its often a forgotten culprit  :icon_rolleyes:

There is another item that is rarely mentioned and can lead to the start of master cylinder troubles. The levers including the push rods and in the case of the rear the linkage.

The pivots and pins wear and old grease inevitably goes hard, gunge can build up around and even inside the rubber push rod boots, so a clean up and fresh grease will help things last a bit longer and reduce lever effort.

If you have a hydraulic clutch, don't forget that either, can make work in traffic a lot easier.
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And remember, If your greasing anywhere near brake rubber boots(Master cyl Boots etc), Red Rubber grease only
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Fuel Filter alternative:

Triumph now want £40 for a Girly fuel filter, both BMW and Ducati sell them cheaper but here is another online supplier and I bet cheaper still at £11 + vat.

Even has the Triumph part no as a cross ref on the web page
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Hmmmm, not sure youve seen the Girly fuel filter mate
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