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Explorer Suspension Settings

Started by brianre, April 10, 2014, 02:03:27 PM

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Seems very harsh compared to my 955i on standard settings. Have changed rear preload to 18 re single comfort setting and is a little better. I am 100kg give or take. Any recommendations for settings for the standard kit to make it better? Similarly harsh with pillion, so recommendations for single and pillion also please.


Maybe wasting your time here but I used to have a 955 and it was like sitting in a armchair, the suspension was on the soft side which I preferred for longer journeys as most were on made roads.
As soon as I rode a 1200 the first thing I noticed was even with the loadings and settings on minimum it did feel 'firm'. I have been told various reasons such as, 'it handles better like that', true, 'it is more comfortable on journeys', for me false etc etc. It does seem that modern bikes in comparison are firm, my Rocket is a bit like a hardtail!
I have seen it written that changing tyres to eg, pilot road 4s helps.

So what is the cure?
I weigh 180lb so perhaps not heavy enough!!
It does seem the compression damping is working too well and may ease with age?
I am looking round for another suspension unit to play with, as altering the damping valve plates make the unit tuneable to my weight, presuming the unit can be taken apart.
Haven't spoken to any suspension specialists/manufacturers yet as not out of warranty.

Perhaps someone will come along and answer the problem.
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I may as well do it, as I'm gonna get blamed for it anyway.


Thanks for this. I think the handling is probably better, but not when the roads are not perfect - which they aren't around here. I will do some tweaking..