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Alternative Soft Panniers.

Started by metalguru, May 20, 2014, 06:18:42 PM

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This is an idea for anyone who travels light and doesn't need the capacity of the standard boxes or to be half the width of a car!
Have made this system for my former Tigers' as I usually travel without pillion, and found I can fit everything I need.

First some support frames made from 8mm round steel bar, some 1"x1/8" flat steel and some 10mm ID steel tube. With the aid of an angle grinder and a mig they turned out like this.
The brace picks up on the std pannier side sway mount which was removed.

Then it was a simple attachment via some P clips with a flat aluminium bar inside the bag for strength and form.

This mounting is slightly different as it has some sheet aluminium between the bag and frame to shield bag from exhaust.

The bags cost 99p from fleabay and are expandable to twice the width if required, they fair very well in heavy offs, (don't ask). They do tend to sag with a bit of weight in them but a luggage elastic up to the grabrail sorts.
The Steel stock came from the local fab shop scrap bin!!
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I may as well do it, as I'm gonna get blamed for it anyway.


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