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Explorer Throttle Body Balance.

Started by metalguru, June 17, 2015, 07:03:19 PM

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Service time came round all too quickly and detected a very slight uneven idle, I presumed this was probably the TBs' out of balance.
Sure enough when I got the tank off and connected the laptop they were in fact out of balance although the software claimed 'Balanced'.
For those of you that have not taken the plunge and removed the tank, it is quite straight forward if you have owned a Tiger before, no more involved just different plastic parts bolted on in a different way.

I did however think there must be a way of running the engine without having to make up jumper leads for the fuel and electrical supply with the use of  special tools.
There are 2 special tools used, a blanket and a short length of 3 by 2.

IF you are QUICK with fitting the blanks or caps to the balance pipe stubs there is no need to drain the tank, (got used to this on HD tanks), the safest way of course is to drain the tank, remove it, cap the balance stubs and refill small amount of fuel to balance TBs'. To refit is reverse.

Simplicity in itself.

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