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Fork Oil Weight Comparison Table


Bixxer Bob:
I was looking around for fork oil after my interesting time in France, and found that using the Weight Number as a comparison between brands is meaningless. For instance my Girly should have Kabaya 10W which in the linked table has a viscosity of 37.2. Other brands 10W vary in viscosity between 32 and 47  :bug_eye  Good luck with getting it to handle as it should with those numbers :icon_lol:

I'm going to try Silkolene Pro RSF 7.5W as its very close at 37.19.

There's lots out there, but here's the table I used:

Chris Canning:
Have always used Silkolene 15wt never used anything else and the quantity to taste,just don't expect a smooth ride on a cool day for the first 30 miles till the oil has warmed up.

For those with the old forks I use 720cc .

Bixxer Bob:
720cc is what my book says to Chris.  Which Silkolene 15W?  There's 48.45 and 92.95 which reads as  "stiff-ish" and "treacle" :bug_eye  compared with the recommended 37.2.

I guess it's the 48 one, which is still quite a bit stiffer than stock, but then again, you'd need that.

Bixxer Bob:
I've just used the Silkolene tool (here : ) and it comes up with what I ordered and which is near the original spec.  I aknowledge you need stiffer forks Chris hence the 15W but nice to know I made the correct choice by two different paths.

I used RF 15w last time, liked how it road but 15-18k later when it came out it was filthy and somewhat grey.  I fear it started some early wear of my forks.


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