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Trax Top Box and Side Cases

Started by TBirdG, January 06, 2016, 02:04:20 AM

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Has anyone on this message board used aftermarket luggage on their new Explorer?  I am currently debating a new bike and thinking of moving on from my 05 955 Tiger and getting a 1200 Explorer. As much as I love my "Girly" recent coolant problems have cost me lots of money, and now it's in the shop with blown head gasket.

I sold the factory Triumph luggage from the 955 long ago because they leaked when riding in the rain and panniers were too small.  I purchased the Trax aluminum cases-with adapter kits and carrier brackets, and they have served me very well.  I would like to mount the Trax boxes on my potential new Tiger, but would have to get the mounting hardware (and probably carrier brackets as well?) to fit the Explorer frame.

Can an Explorer be purchased without Triumph luggage?  Finally, has anyone here done anything similar (old Tiger to new Tiger re-fitting luggage)?  Thanks for any help you might offer!




The OEM luggage on the Explorer is an option, so yes you can purchase the bike with out the Triumph luggage. 


First of all, Welcome Gerry  :occasion14

As Yukon has stated, you can buy an Explorer without the luggage, this is assuming you are looking at a new one. That being the case (no pun intended) you may also consider the alloy hard cases that should be available soon as an option, like those for the 800 models. If you go for a used one that comes with Triumph cases, there's probably a market if you wanted to move them on.

I'm guessing that you had the "Quick-Fit EVO" racks for your Trax as hinted at, I've checked the SW-Motech website and couldn't find those listed for the Girly anymore so I can't cross reference the racks or fitting kit against the rack kit for the Dora, so it looks like you'd have to buy both the pannier frames with bike specific "Quick-Lock" kit, you could transfer over the alloy spools from your existing racks but it hardly seems worth it for the cost and they do wear as I can testify to.

The good news is that from the photos it looks like they have designed them for equal distance from centre mounting, I had to modify the racks on my Roadie and 800XC to achieve that, and there's plenty of space inside the left one for a tool tube, fuel can, tent or the like.
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Try for seeing your options, plenty of photos of other peoples setups. As for selling explorer boxes don,t forgetthat they are "keyed alike" so new locks are needed and are a PITA to change apparently.
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