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UK Tiger dealer prices

Started by ds99, March 21, 2016, 06:10:29 PM

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Is it? The one is a sales price, the other an asking price. One a private seller, the other business. So for a max profit of 700 pound it had to be collected, inspected, fixed if a part was not as good as should be, dealer has to give warranty, pay for the showroom and the coffee the tire kickers drink etc. And most likely the profit is less due to rebate or a high trade in for an old banger.

If the general public thinks 3600 was too cheap for that bike they should have paid more to the original seller. Apperantly they didn't ....


Maybe, but I am surprised people will pay £4,000 for a used Tiger 955i, you could get a used Tiger 800 for that these days, which is a far more modern bike, with ABS etc.