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FIX For the dreaded sub frame.

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Some of us have had the misfortune of the front sub frame giving way and dumping everything in front of the tank onto the front wheel.
I wasn't that unlucky for once as I detected an unusual 'wobble' to the screen.
Closer inspection revealed the sub frame bracket had cracked. I reinforced the bracket and got another on the way. So as not to have the same problem again I did the same modification to the new one, just in case.

During construction with new sub frame......

With a bit of luck it should have the strength it requires now, can't beat a bit of steel bar.

Bixxer Bob:
So what else are Explorers know for then Nige???

Chris Canning:
Blimey and I thought my K1200 had it's problems  :icon_eek:

Is that a recall? does it happen very often?

Triumph are reimbursing the cost for some that are not obvious accident damage.
It does seem like a weight saving exercise taken to the extreme and it does seem a widespread problem.
I appreciate the need for sacrificial construction which includes the front forks and radiator but as with cars the end user result seems rather flimsy.

Having conversed at sometime with most of the bike manufacturers over problems with new model releases, I must admit that the big T has been more than helpful at all times and indeed did not expect some of the response.

Aside from the engine/ECU recalls and a very few Friday afternoon bikes which have been whole replaced, there seems a few finish problems reported as it seems the in house powdercoating plant is not being used in the same way the later modulars were finished.

As an example of their continuing development, I happen to have a year 14 Rocket in for de-restriction, of course I have to verify my own work. The whole bike compared to mine as far as 'experience from the saddle' is concerned, delivers a totally different/better ride.


--- Quote from: Bixxer Bob on November 17, 2015, 10:26:16 PM ---So what else are Explorers know for then Nige???

--- End quote ---

Incorrectly machined cylinder heads that allowed the valve buckets to spin at high speed. So much that you can hear the "WHIZZING" noise.
Crank bearings f@cked within a few thousand miles. I know two that have gone back to the factory.
Turns out that the Explorer isn't as good as Triumph hoped.


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