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To be (OEM exhaust), or not to b, that is the question....

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There is an on-going thread in the Steamer section about a source for 'less expensive' aftermarket exhaust cans and their pros and cons. Noise seems to be the big deterrent to us mature folk, but some like the manliness of a throatier (aka noisier) exhaust.

Every time I go in to the garage I look at the stock exhaust for the Roadie, hanging on the wall (it came with the bike). The bike is wearing a Leo Vince after market one at the moment.

So...... apart from taking the bike to a dynamometer (none hereabouts) to find out the truth, how much of a power gain can be expected from after market?? I feel the urge to put the stock can back on and flog the Leo Vince....

the yoshimura cans I  have for a steamer do nothing but make noise .
my seat of the pants dyno says OEM might actually be just a tad faster , but I am biased against  noise anyway .

my friends T Bird sport with similarly specked engine as tiger (same bhp) has TOR's on it .
Tigger 2 is OEM

it's a dead heat in the rolling start 1/4 mile

I had the TOR loaded at first service, that sorted the slight snatching just off throttle and did as much for the power spread as anything. The Zard (carbon high level) was about 1/4 the weight of the stock can but more importantly it allowed me to modify the pannier racks (SW Motech not Triumph) for equal spacing. I only ever rode it out once without the baffle and straight home to put it back in  :icon_eek: Don't get me wrong it sounded great and well suited to the engine but I felt so embarrassed riding it in a built up area. It did make a noticeable difference above 5k rpm with WOT but at the expense of tractability up to 3.5k. With the baffle in it was civilised unless you got silly but if I'd kept her I'd have had a go at progressively welding up the baffle holes one by one, a full day on the motorway could get tireing.

Remember the 1050 engine is basically the same as that used in the Speed T, so it's a hooligan engine that was detuned for the Sprint and the Tiger and it works well in all those, which is a testament to the design but how often and long are you going to spend over 6k?


--- Quote from: Sin_Tiger on December 29, 2015, 08:59:32 PM ---... but how often and long are you going to spend over 6k?

--- End quote ---

Me... never!!

Bixxer Bob:
Having taken my Blue Flame off after denting it, I've rediscovered why I like my Girly so much.  The original is way quieter.  I liked the BF round town because it had a great rasp on full throttle, but it was wearing on a long run.  I reckon I'm down 3-4bhp as the 19T front sprocket is more noticeable now.


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