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Here's an interesting thing: throttle body balancing

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I have got access to both Dealertool and Tune ECU to faff around with diagnostics and whatnot on the Roadie. Dealertool helped do a 'complete' brake bleed the other week by allowing the opening of the ABS circuit. Can't say that it made any obvious difference to the process, but.......

Anyhoo I decided to check the balance of the throttle bodies the other day. They were pretty close because Dealertool flickered between 'balanced' and 'adjust'. One of the bodies was about 2kpa different than the others. After taking the airbox off and then re-connecting all of the plugs with it sitting beside the bike, I could not get a reconnection to the Dealertool programme, so ended up doing the (minute) adjustment with Tune ECU, which did connect.

This was somewhat vexing since you'd expect a programme that you have to pay for to work as well as a freebie, so I contacted Dealertool. Here is their reply:

We can only imagine that there is interference from the coils now the tank is not covering. Try routing the interface and cable away from this area, also you could try grounding the chassis of the laptop to the battery NEGATIVE terminal - this has been found to help on the rare occasion when some laptops are sensitive to this type of issue.

Were you able to get your Dealertool to work again?

I can understand their concern about getting the cable too close to the coils. The coils create a huge amount of electrical noise/energy that can interfere with digital communication. The connecting wire will act like an antenna, especially if the cable is not properly shielded.

I am concerned about grounding the laptop chassis to a negative terminal. The case would have to be manufactured from something besides plastic. :icon_rolleyes:

In the event of no metal chassis in the laptop then

laptop battery negative terminal to bike battery negative terminal?

the casing may be covering a metal framework or chassis


--- Quote from: JoeDirt on February 03, 2016, 04:24:15 PM ---Were you able to get your Dealertool to work again?
--- End quote ---

Yes, it works fine when everything is back together.  I would be feeling pretty miffed if I had just bought Dealertool and did not know about Tune ECU.

Very few laptops made in the last 5 years have a metal chassis and even fewer have a serial port. Grounding the USB casing should do the same as grounding the serial port frame.


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