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Air box mod

Started by Chris Canning, May 08, 2005, 07:46:29 PM

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Quote from: pxm on February 29, 2016, 05:31:17 PM
I've done that Bob, but I'll just end up with a standard front sprocket instead of 1 tooth more.  There isn't the option of specifying how many teeth on any site I've visited.

And funnily enough when I was looking the other week, Demon Tweeks were still about the cheapest online. I went with a shop in Bristol in the end as he did a price match. JTF1180-19 is the front sprocket p/no, and yeah, DID or maybe AFAM, but I wouldnt touch EK or similar. JT now do there own range of chains but no real reports on them yet though the guy in Bristol sells loads and hasnt heard anything bad. Personally Id still go DID, you can now buy a DID copy chain tool for about £30, Ive got one and it works fine, just dont try pushing the old pins out without grinding the heads off first
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Bixxer Bob

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Chris Canning

Put JT sprockets into Google all will be revealed :icon_wink:


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So it's probably worth me buying a DID chain kit from M&P for £80 or so, getting a £20 19 tooth front sprocket, binning the 18 tooth one that comes with the kit & getting a mate who has a splitter to help me fit it.  It works out cheaper than paying £140 for a kit where I can specify the front sprocket size.
Can anyone see a problem with this idea?  :^_^
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None at all but I think the chain from Squaredeals is an upgrade to the one than the M&P so you are not comparing like for like.

Personally I have just fitted a £90 DID chain and sprockets and they are fine.
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Chris Canning

DIDZVM and buy a pair of sprockets of your choice Jeeze how uncomplicated can it be!!!

Chris Canning

What forgot!! How to take the old chain off,that will be either a bolt cropper or just disc it off either takes seconds.


And to fit the rivit link just use a club hammer as an anvil and a 2lb ball pein hammer to rivit the soft link.

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