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Steamer Tank and Corbin Seat for sale

Started by vectorpickle, June 14, 2016, 10:33:25 PM

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I have a Chili Red tank in good condition but has had one insert repaired and a slight paint bubble on the lower right. The Corbin seat is in good condition with no tears but does have some slight cracks in the surface of the vinyl. The blemishes on both are detailed in the photos. I am asking $150 for each. I can package for shipping from the San Francisco Bay Area. Easiest way to reach me is at


1996 Tiger - which is pissing me off right now
2010 KLX110L for playing with the kids on the track out back...


It's SUPPOSED to be dirty - It's a Tiger.


you may want to send an email to dwnundr
he hasn't been online since sept.16th  :bad