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Time for a new R/R

Started by Timbox2, October 11, 2016, 08:42:53 PM

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Noticed the headlights dimming when revving the engine the other day, also had a good 150 mile run yesterday and yet the bike only just started this morning. Already had the battery tested on a proper discharge tester and it passed good. Put a voltmeter on the bike tonight and at idle its around 13.3 to 14v, but rev the engine to 3000 or so and the volts drop to 12.3  Ive just done a diode test on the Reg/Rec and Im getting high readings so that seems to confirm it. Ive done pretty well really, first R/R failure on 2 Tigers.
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I have been very happy after upgradng mine to the shindegen sh775 series r/r.  It only asks the stator to provide the needed wattage and doesn't burn the rest as a heat sink (I've always believed heat is the biggest problem to charging systems and their wiring).  You can even get a triumph harness from the rocket 3 so that it wires up directly.  Check out
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Or maybe not, Chris C has come to the rescue with offer of trying his spare R/R when we meet up next week sometime, but just been out to garage for a bit more testing with multi meter and was getting a significant voltage drop along the positive side wiring from the R/R, then noticed that the connector block was not fully home and at a slight angle. Reseated it and now am getting good volts across the rev range. I'll keep an eye on it but maybe I havent got to spend money yet, not that it bothers me if I have to
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Wish it was that simple with my friend's Lexmoto.  Brand new, started blowing bulbs,  seller changed ther regulator and the stator and said it was fixed but it's not.  It runs 14.8 to 15.3v.  Waiting for Lexmoto to give their view on what to do next.  Meanwhile I have a 5 amp voltage regulator which will take 5 - 36 volts in and put 0.5 - 36 volts out that I'm going to put in line witht he headlight to see if we can't calm things down. HEadlight blb is 35W
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