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Started by HockleyBoy, October 17, 2016, 01:20:55 PM

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I know what you mean about the stack height however, the problem here appears to be design fault in that the OEM stack does not allow sufficient oil flow. 2005/6 was the transition year to the new 1050 motor and parts were used in the 955 Tiger. Unfortunately the early 1050 clutch is known to be a dog across the Triumph range and is very prone to sticking plates.

Triumph have tried to address the problem with revised clutch rod (spiral oil way cut into it) but with limited success.

I have pretty much exhausted the options and my budget on a bike worth nothing so will just have to live with it for now.
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I know what you mean about exhausting the gets expensive, frustrating and confusing.

I have the later model with a 222 engine number but am not sure if that has the 1050 parts in it. Either way, I don't have issues with the clutch, but then not all bikes would I guess. I have tested it on a 3000 mile trip through Europe in all sorts of conditions and it held up well.

I hope you find a solution. :)


Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones, its definitely not all bikes but from reading various forums a significant number have had issues. Mine is also the very late model 05/06.

I also have another 05 but the earlier model and it has never had a clutch problem in 70k miles, seems to be just the transition bike when it does occur.
05 Tiger Lucifer Orange (resting) 07 GSX-R1000TT K7 71 Triumph T25T 17 Tiger 1050 Sport