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Anti seize your chain tensioners as often as you can

Started by benebob, January 19, 2017, 02:59:48 AM

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Just had the pleasure of replacing my rear swing arm because the one tensioner was completely seized.  No heat or chemicals would loosen it and it broke with an impact on it.  Cheaper to buy a used then to drill out and helicoil.  I highly recommend everyone seal the 3 holes in the  arm that allows dirt, salt and crud in.  I used butayl tape (for sealing windows around rvs).  Then pull those long bolts out and lube the crap out of 'em with anti seize.  Repeat often! 
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Is this the pinch bolt or the rotating eccentric adjuster which seized? and where are the 3 holes? :icon_scratch:
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It is the chain adjuster bolts on the first gen 800s not on the Girly.  I never had an issue with the Girly but the 800 uses these 70mm long bolts that go past the threads a good 30mm on the inside of the swing arm.  I can only assume they get all kinds of grit and dirt then when you adjust them out they seize.  (there is a hole on the one side on the bottom and then two larger holes on the inside of the swingarm on the 800s).  I was quite upset initially as the bike was just serviced 1500 miles ago at the dealer I bought it from (for its 24k service.  The chain on top of that looks fairly new so I'm guessing it had been replaced around 20k.  Zero reason for it to seize.  Then I started reading and it seems like a fairly common problem for the 800s esp when used in winter or off road conditions.
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Yeah, ally wheel Girlies could have a similer issue if you didnt keep on top of it.
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I had to do the swing rm on my friend's TDM.  She'd not kept on top of it and a helpful neighbour sheared the bolt off trying to free it.  He then removed the swing arm and sent it to me, I drilled it out, and helicoiled it then replaced the crap Yamaha bolts with stainless ones.

Which reminds me, she still owes me a slab for that one.... :icon_rolleyes:
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