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Tiger 955i Seat - recovered with Gel implant

Started by orange99, March 12, 2017, 08:50:56 PM

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Tiger 955i seat, recovered by Motea UK with Gel pad - details

Piping in blue to match Caspian Blue, hardly used so looks as new

Comes with frame and latch - located in North West Kent, UK

£200 plus postage

2011 Yamaha TDM900                                                   2018 Tiger Sport
2008 Yamaha XJR1300


I like that, the conversion to dollars is good.  I wonder how I could get the money to you?
Thanks BC
2006 Tiger 955i (new to me 2017), 2014 Trophy SE


Sorry for the delay in replying, I was expecting a notification of a response and hadn't checked the post.

I'm sure there are ways to transfer the money but the issue is more likely to be the shipping costs as it's going to be quite a large and heavy box. I've had a quick check and the shipping by courier was coming up at £130!

I'll look into it further using more accurate weight and dimensions (I guessed this morning)  , unless you have any sources for cheaper shipping across the Atlantic?
2011 Yamaha TDM900                                                   2018 Tiger Sport
2008 Yamaha XJR1300