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OK, so finally managed to get a test ride down at Fowlers today, phoned em at 9 as I got into Bristol and was out on the bike at 9:30, pretty good really.

Nice looking bike, though I prefer the Black.

I was expecting it to feel different, but my God. Dunno how but if feels about 20Kg lighter than my Girly, which it isnt, but the weight has moved down thats for sure. Feet flat on floor, and even pushing it around is so much easier, steering lock is also very good.

Had a few probs at first finding the gear lever but after 20 minutes it was second nature, and though at first worried about comfort not a problem at all, seat is great and although legs are definately more tucked up I didnt get any twinges for the 1.5 hours I was out, a longer day may result in a few aches as I get used to it but cant see it being a biggy. Screen is actually very good as although more air hits me its pretty clean, more so in the lower position.

A bit of Underseat storage is back, as well as a USB charging point, very handy for my smart phone which eats the battery.

Jeez, Brakes are powerful, two finger stoppies if thats your bag. Also forgotten how much difference a 17" wheel makes on the road

But the best bit is again the engine, combined with the new Fly By Wire, awesome.  126BHP on paper doesnt look much more, but it sure feels it, and the fueling is perfect. 6th Gear from 40 wind it on and it just pulls cleanly all the way to, Go To Jail.

So, was I impressed? Yep, Ive put down a deposit and ordered one, and now the worst bit, Triumph have sold out of Black bikes and Ive got to wait till end of May for delivery.

The 955 has been a great bike, and will continue to be, but times have moved on and I do struggle with the top heavy weight sometimes, especially moving around the garage.

Im actually chuffed that Triumph have produced a bike that has got me quite excited again, and apparently the Sport is one of the few bikes fully built at Hinkley, proper Brit.

Nice fully sorted 955 up for sale soon, watch this space.

 :wings  :wheel congratulations  :party

Watch the speedo, they are deceptively quick  :bad


--- Quote from: Sin_Tiger on March 15, 2017, 08:06:22 PM --- :wings  :wheel congratulations  :party

Watch the speedo, they are deceptively quick  :bad

--- End quote ---

Found that out already, hit 3 figures, albeit very briefly, but alarmingly quickly.

Oh, and the clutch lever, it feels like a hydraulic its that light.

Cracking looking bike. If I was changing,think that would be top of my list?

Nick Calne:
Good for you! I think you made the right decision on the colour. Worth the wait. :rrr


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