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front wheel orientation


I'm replacing the front wheel on my 955 (due to a bent rim) with a super-duper new spoked wheel from an explorer. It's going to wear tkc80 and I'm mounting EBC rotors on it.

Question: Which way round does the wheel go? The shafts for the rotor bolts have a higher "collar" on one side than the other. I'm presuming that's to accommodate the ABS.

Is the side with the higher collars on the left or the right of the bike when facing forward?

A quick visit to look at a bike in your nearest dealer might help. No markings on the discs.  :m That's as helpful as I feel today  :icon_sad:


I don't really know what I'm talking about here but, is there a speedo drive involved? as that would be on the left...  :^_^ well at least I tried to help  :icon_biggrin:


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