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1994 Tiger, warrington UK

Started by kenny junior, March 26, 2017, 11:57:59 AM

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kenny junior

Hi all,

Due to buying a house late last year with a Mrs who wants to do house improvements, I have to make the biggest sacrifice (her to the biking gods)!

I am selling my 1994 Tiger 900. I only bought her in July last year but since then I have spent some money on her to make her a reliable old girl.
I have rebuilt clutch slave cylinder with new seals, renewed hydraulic fluids, new oil & filter, new rear brake switch, new front brake disks (done 10 miles) new pads all round, cleaned the K&N filter, new plugs, new ignition coils, new bridgestone tyres (100 miles ago), new throttle cable, replaced the faulty thermostat with a working second hand one and new coolant plus little jobs like changing the dash bulbs. I have also had the tank empty for 2 months to allow it to breath and coated the inside with Caswell sealant which brings me onto the next point.

I had no intentions of selling this bike and wanted to spray it orange. The tank has suffered like most and has bubbling and I very lightly sanded one area to the front left to see how bad a job it would be in readiness for me prepping it for painting. The Caswell sealant will allow the tank to be painted without the issue of bubbling again. The front left fairing also has a scratch reminiscent of when I drove a landrover through a bush. In essence the bike could benefit from a respray BUT does not kill it and if you got a bagster it would look great.

It has an MOT until October and has only done 23,500 miles in its lifetime. I have old paperwork to back this up. The MOT station did suggest that the front forks were rebuilt soon but did not put it as an advisory and as we all know on this forum, the forks leave a little to be desired anyway so would be a good opportunity to upgrade the internals and stiffen her up a bit. It also has full Krauser top box and panniers.

I am after £1,500 for her which I think is more than reasonable and am advertising her exclusively on here for a bit as I want her to go to a good home.

Email me at or give me a call on 07738 66 22 83