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Triumph Tiger Steamer 1997-1998

Started by Paddy ODoolin, May 15, 2017, 01:52:52 PM

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Paddy ODoolin

I am looking to buy a Steamer.  It has been a moto that has always intrigued me and I aim to add a fine example of this Triumph to my current stable.  Anybody have a lead on a Tiger Steamer that is for sale, or soon to be for sale, or should be for sale, somewhere in North America? 


And then there's this one:

1996 Triumph Tiger 900 Adventure Touring

Paddy ODoolin

Thanks for the leads bemusedinsojo1


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I think they are both over priced but the black one looks nice. However, its been on the classified site for three months (it expires every thirty days. The blue one is nice too and been on KSL for ages also. Neither price has changed. One is a dealer, one private. If you buy one, we'll have to check out some scenery.