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Hot start Issue

Started by Timbox2, May 28, 2017, 03:15:41 PM

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Thought Id put something about this here as although my Tiger Sport ISNT affected by this, or isnt yet, I had a similar issue on the BM K1300GT.
This issue gets a fair bit of banter about on the 1050 forum and similar to the BM it's a strange one as not everyone gets the problem, but those that do report that it happens only on Hot ambient temperature days, and if there is any pattern it seems to affect the 2013-2015 Tiger Sports more than any other model.

Scenario is, bike starts fine from cold, go for a run engine nice and warm then stop briefly, for say petrol. On trying to restart Bike it then doesnt turn over, or turns very slowly and wont start, just like a knackered battery.  Leave bike for 20 minutes and its then fine again. BMW issued a Technical update for the K bikes which involved replacing some of the wiring from battery to solenoid and starter, which actually didnt fix it, what did fix it was fitting a Hawker Odyssey battery or similar higher powered battery.

Some of the guys on the 1050 forum have fitted new batteries, new starters, and I think even some have tried a complete sprag clutch upgrade, all to have the problem still occur.

Heres the thing. I was in Cheltenham Triumph this week picking up my new Engine Bars and just thought I'd quiz the Service Manager to see if he knew of the issue. Oh yes he says. So, whats the fix I ask? Ummm, there isnt one really he says,  apart from trying to fit a higher powered battery, a ha, see above with BMW.

He reckons the issue is the starter but changing it wont work and that its down to High Resistance caused by overheating of the starter itself. Interesting, and maybe applies to the K bikes, but I aint gonna tell em as they dont deserve it, eh Chris :icon_lol:
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Also happens on the Yamaha VMax, of which I have had several and still have one. Recommended cure is heavy duty battery lead and the obligatory Odyssey battery, and a solder fix on a wiring splice near the fuse box for the more adventurous amongst us.
It seems that like most things, everything is built down to the cheapest spec that will do the job (assuming ideal conditions) rather than spec it properly.
Then use the owners and the various forums to sort the problems! :bad