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Running on 2 cycliners

Started by Ron in Buffalo, July 11, 2017, 09:43:39 PM

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Quote from: Ron in Buffalo on August 21, 2017, 02:44:40 AM
I lied still having issue with ecu map let see where Mr. Dirt moves this one.

I am with Timbox on this one... see if you can move the problem around. If you have a striped hold down on the cover, it will not be grounded well enough. So, your helicoil should have fixed the ground issue. I am concerned about your boot being ripped. The coil pack might have been handle poorly by previous mechanic/owner. I would go on eBay and buy a set of used coils for cheap. People get a wrecked bike and sell all three together. I got a set for around $50 a couple of years back. It's nice to have extras to try. Also, the chances of all three being bad is very high. Even if you get one that is good you are money ahead. Or, you can buy a coil pack (triumph #T1290006) from dealership/ for $135USD. I keep an extra one in my bike bags with some other goodies that might break.


Ron in Buffalo

Valve cover charnge all wires tested. All  code errors gone however having  ecu issues.

Bixxer Bob

Just PM'd Ron some ideas to sort his rough running, we'll see how he gets on.....
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Ron in Buffalo

update put 3 spark plugs in it runs like a charm