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Clutch Drag late 955's and 1050's

Started by Timbox2, July 23, 2017, 12:00:45 PM

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Quote from: Lee337 on July 08, 2022, 07:51:38 PMNot all of them do, although mine does when it gets hot. There's a specific order to put the clutch plates in which I'm told stops the clutch from dragging. Below is the text I found together with a diagram. Don't know if it works yet, but when I have to replace my clutch (it's done almost 65,000 miles), I'll give it a go.

clutch has 2 types of friction plates and 2 types of steel plates..seems not many people put them in the correct order as mine(serviced etc by triumph).

first sort friction plates..2 are different,1 goes in first the 4 thick steel plates and friction plates in between, then thinners steel plates with the other friction plates leaving the other odd friction plate till last which slots into the top of the basket, not as the others..i did oil the friction plates before replacing and check thickness was correct...have now done a fair few miles and always get neutral when needed and goes up and down the box with no clunking or drag...

Wish I had had that diagram when I was faffing about  :icon_biggrin:
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And then there is the rider-factor as well. I have seen clutches burnt out with as little as 20k on them with Dutch riders heading out into the mountains and constantly slipping their clutch due to not being confident on the climbs or descents. 
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