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Steamer Spares

Started by London_Phil, August 16, 2017, 08:40:28 PM

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It seems I have discovered a way to transmute a Steamer into an XC

AS I remember I have

Free Haynes Manual postage plus charity donation required..

Custom Seat, not Corbin. Green Piping, with one  slight nick, scalloped front, which means lower seat height, but little padding. £40

Stripped Rear Shock (KYB), with good shaft surface, ready for restoration.
Drained, stripped and cleaned... £50

Pair of Guzzi Indicators, direct fit for Steamer front or rear.
Circular, to match headlights and mirrors, and chrome heads too.
Shafts good and straight, no splits or damage.
Alternatively, same shaft as Steamer, so for spares as well.
Cost me £20, so thats what I'm asking.

Home made oil containment tool, which is basically the bottom half of a sprocket cover, with the oil filler cut off, and a plastic window fitted.
Useful for keeping oil in whilst fettling chain etc.  £15

Clutch slave cylinder and pipe £15

Pair of front shocks in good condition, with standard springs.
Drained, and ready for refurb or just fill and fit whilst doing your own  £40

2 x Fuse boxes, may or may not be Tiger (they are different from some models)  £10

Gearchange  pedal, with linkage and bolt £5

Rear brake torsion arm (Blue)  £5

Pair of rear footrest brackets, no footrests, £10

Exhaust "Kit", containing
T3100015  Set of EOM exhaust studs x 6
T3350301  OEM exhaust nuts x 6
T2200229  OEM Exhaust Sealing Ring x 3
Total cost would be over £30 from Fowlers.

T1220800   Updated Sprag shaft Kit, comprising
Shaft, updated splined, with through hole to accommodate
Full length hardened bolt, nut and washers
Around £100 now from Fowlers

51 tooth Sprag clutch. Used, but from crashed bike. Looks clean and tidy. Might have the matching idler if you want to upgrade.. £25

All Plus Postage.
Package deals and bartering acceptable.
Collection Welcome.

Will add to list as I remember, but not much left now.