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New Fuel Level Sender Unit!

Started by Lucifer955i, March 09, 2019, 02:55:09 PM

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I left the bagster on as I am basically clumsy as f$@! and without I could almost guarantee to scratch the daylights out of the tank. Anyhow they are both off now.

Just walked in to the kitchen from the living room, couldn't smell a thing. Went outside to get engine number and when I came in I could smell petrol, strong enough to be glad I no longer smoke!

New fuel filter ordered!


Forgot to add I just undone the two straps at the back, two on the sides with hooks on and the one at the front. I have a Givi quick release plate over the filler cap which had trapped the bagster in place. I originally bought the bagster to protect the tank when off the bike but put it on last summer and just left it there.


I had the tank fittings changed then a while later had fuel leaking but only occasionally?? Changed the viton seals even though they were newish....same thing happened, it eventually turned out that the pipe to the elbow was leaking, cut it back and re clamped it, not leaked since.
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Although rare, check the link pipe unions (  fuel pipe that goes right to left underneath tank)  They are sealed with O rings and have been known to leak
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Before I removed the tank I could only see one end of a hose going in to the back of the tank on the right, opposite side to the pump, thought it was a fuel return. I ordered a new fitting, clamp/ clip and O ring.

Didn't realise there were two hoses and four fittings and they wasn't for fuel return. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to go over everything properly.
I have new seals for the tank breather and waste connectors as they have perished and enough spares to repair one end of a hose.

I suspect at least one of the hoses has an issue, if it is just the one end I'm prepared!


Ok slight issue, yesterday I removed the air filter box, this evening I went to put it back on, and I have an extra plug which I'll be dammed if I can find where it goes?

Grey connector, two pin female, one brown wire and one yellow with a red stripe a tad shorter than the air temp sensor lead! I have a feeling its for a barometric thing not on my model, well it's not now!

Any ideas where it goes?


I've just read it's for CA models and not required.
No need to keep searching the garden by torch light for the bit that didn't lose after all.



Yesterday I fitted the new fuel filter, the seal around the plate looks shot, I had to hold it against the plate and insert the bolts before fitting it back on replacement will have to wait if there is no leakage. 
The connections on the pipes that run from front to back looked as if they had seen better days, so I simply cut 1cm off each end and refitted them.
I removed the fuel sender unit and tested it with a multi meter read 120ohms, but as I moved it to slide the float up, I couldn't get a reading, then I could then I couldn't. So I think there's a broken wire.
I just fitted the new replacement fuel level sender straight in no modifications.

Today I'm happy to say the smell of raw fuel has gone from my kitchen, which is where my fuel tank has been for the last 4 days.

Next on the list is to remove the bubbles that have appeared on the stripes!


Quote from: Lucifer955i on March 16, 2019, 06:14:37 PM
Next on the list is to remove the bubbles that have appeared on the stripes!

Best of luck with that  :nod decals on mine have blistered and I`ve got a blister in my paint...again..
Tiger 1200 XRt in red, the best colour