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An unusual day out


Nick Calne:
Well today was an odd one.  I went on a bike ride with Steve Parrish, Neil Hodgson, Carl, Fogarty, Dougie Lampkin, Mike Tindall and Bez from the Happy Mondays.  We rode down a closed motorway and were chased by the emergency services with their blue lights on as people cheered us on from the motorway bridges.  About 3000 people on bikes joined in and rode behind in convoy.  We then rode across an airfield and had a party for about 12,000 people.

Yes, really.  No I haven't forgotten to take my medication.

Hope you, and all the Tiger riders enjoyed your day out.

I had to visit my dad in Woolwich  Hospital on Saturday, as a load of people were running around London today, hopefully not too many needed the emergency services, but as a result, had to swap visit days, so missed  the ride.

Sounds like a blast though.


--- Quote from: London_Phil on April 28, 2019, 08:24:34 PM ---Hope you, and all the Tiger riders enjoyed your day out.
--- End quote ---

He might ride a Tiger but on the day I spotted the Africa twin in the VIP bike park  :nod

Nick Calne:
Ha yeah, couldn't chance the uncertainty of the steamer. 

Hope your dad's ok Phil.


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