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Check engine light on

Started by PaulScar, June 20, 2019, 05:04:31 PM

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I was happily riding along this afternoon when the motor coughed, cut out momentarily (A second or so) then came back and the bike was running fine again but the yellow check engine light was on. I rode home 30 odd miles all OK. this is the first  injected and ECU bike I have owned and It is all Greek to me. What can be done?


After 3 hot cold cycles, the light will turn itself off, but you could really do with knowing the cause, if you have an obd code reader or a mate with one you can plug it in exactly like you would a car and see the error code, if you then come back on here with the code somebody is bound to be able to tell what the fault is, or with a bit of luck there may be someone on here with tune ecu on there lap top that doesn't live too far from you that might offer to take a look, best of luck with it mate.
If its got titts or wheels it'll give ya trouble!!!


I have a cheapy obd11 bluetooth unit and an app on my android phone. Iv'e never used them but this looks a good time to try. Thanks


If that dosent work, TuneECU (which is free) will read/rest the fault codes. Lots about it and how to use it on this site.
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