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Off road course in Western Australia


G'day all,

I took my Girly to an adventure riding course last weekend at West Moto Park with some mates riding beemers (I don't hold it against them).  It's a good 250km or so from my house with some nice roads in between once out of Perth.  We camped out at the training site with a nice fire as the nights are starting to get a bit chilly ~2°C.

The course was hard work especially for someone who hasn't really ridden off road before.  We started with the basics in low speed maneuvering and braking, then played with higher speeds and letting the back end out, before tying it all together for some gravel rides and single track work.

The Girly took one dirt nap :nap while going around a sandy bit of single track.  I washed out going around a corner and landed on a small fallen tree, given the wheels were off the ground she was a bit of a pig to get upright.  No damage though, the heed crashbars worked well and kept everything protected.

The Girly kept up well with the beemers despite the lack of electrickery, with the weakest part of the Girly package being the nut connecting the handlebars to the seat.

Got a few more courses to go, plus a few gravel adventures lined up with mates over winter.

Cheers Dan

The Girly looks more at home that the others. Not had the opportunity or balls to take mine off road yet, aside from the dung filled, pot holed roads surrounding my rural village  :icon_smile:


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