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SW Motech Tank Bag for Girly ***Sold***

Started by orange99, February 03, 2019, 01:53:37 PM

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SW Motech Engage Tank Bag  in excellent condition - this uses their tank ring for easy connection - £50 plus any postage

It comes with the tank ring for Triumphs and this version comes with an electrical outlet - the ring has a cable that you run down to your battery and you have a power outlet in the bag. The connectors are bullets but I've also included a fly lead with a cigarette lighter connector. This is the first generation SW Motech tank ring so isn't compatible with their current Evo rings.

The only thing missing is the rain cover - I just spray it with nikwax once a year and I've no problem with leakage.

It fits the 955 tank really well for a big bag (7 litres) with no fouling of my (standard) bars or obstruction of the clocks - it also fits other bikes with a curved tank so should fit other Tigers.

Let me know if you want more details or pics
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Is this still available? I know its been on a while.
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Yes, it is - and sorry I hadn't noticed this update, I was just about to try my luck on Ebay marketplace
2011 Yamaha TDM900                                                   2018 Tiger Sport
2008 Yamaha XJR1300