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Firstly thanks to Ivor for helping out over the phone, the schematic has probably confirmed what we thought, cheers mate :icon_salut:

Friend of a friend broke down 2 nights ago on his 2011 800 XR. Clive, my mate, phoned me up as he thinks im the Tiger Guru, but as I explained never had an 800 but thought I would try and help so went down to his this morning with me OBD2 and Tune ECU, but cant even connect as no power getting to diag cable or clocks etc.
 RH Fuse 3, which feeds ignition switch blows as soon as you turn on. We've isolated everything we can think of and still no go, so looks like an internal issue with the ignition switch, or possibly a short somewhere in the harness. Mate of mate organising to get bike back to CMC where he bought it 3 months ago


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