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OBD ll fault code help.


All of a sudden my 2008 Tiger has gotten hard to start. It pops and bucks a couple of times, and then will start and rev, and will clear out. The net time I go to start it, it will do the same thing again. It throws off an obd ll fault code of "P 1105 $ D 1". Can anybody tell me what that is?

Not sure if this is a Triumph specific code but a quick look on another Triumph forum shows a Map Sensor Pipe fault (per TuneECU) or Google shows it as 'Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)/Barometric (BARO) pressure switch solenoid valve. Codes related to the P1105 include: P0068: MAP/MAF – Throttle Position Correlation.'

May give you a starting point.

I found a post on another site where the op had a 1105 code on a trophy and it was as simple as a vaccuum  hose had come undone


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