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High beams stuck on

Started by abruzzi, July 07, 2019, 06:37:31 PM

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My 2002 just acquired a problem—the high beams are stuck on.  When I move the switch between positions, I can see the low element come on in the right hand light, but I can't see any change in the left side.  The high beams (and the indicator) stay lit no matter the position of the switch.

My only guess is a bad relay? Does that seem likely?  I haven't dug into the fairing yet (I assume the relay is in that bundle on the left hand side under the fairing), are the relays generic that I can get from a local auto shop, or are they "special"?

EDIT: some additional information now has me doubting the relay as the cause.  I pulled the side cover and pulled both the upper most of the 4 relays, and the lowermost.  These seem to be the high beam/low beam relays.  They are both simple SPST relays.  With both pulled, the right light shows low beam, and the left light shows high beam. The high/low switch and the hi beam momentary both work normally.  When I replace the lower relay (this happens with either relay) I get just the right headlight showing low beam, and now both headlights showing high beam.  Both the switch and momentary work, and I can hear and feel the relay switching.  When I replace the upper relay then I get the error with the high beams.  Given the way they are behaving, I'm assuming the lower relay is the high beam, and the upper is the low beams.  Somehow/somewhere the second low beam circuit (the one the lights the second headlight after the relay) is shorting power into the high beam somewhere.

The only stuff I've adde under the fairing is a powerlet outlet (which is wired back to the battery) and a factory heated grip kit (that's wired up front, but I forget how/where). Any thoughts?