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Panniers & Mountings 955i UK

Started by Bigfeesh, December 28, 2019, 01:39:43 PM

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I have two sets of side panniers for sale,
   1st set complete with mountings & a key! Roulette Green, scratched about but a 6 inch crack on the outside edge, I'm confident they will paint up nicely and repair crack with welding or fibreglass reinforcing. Asking £350 delivered in UK only, £300 if I drive 100 miles to meet up a possible buyer?
  2nd set are burnt orange but no keys or mountings, need a paint job to be perfect but no cracks! £250 delivered in UK only, £200 if I have to drive 100 miles to meet a possible buyer?
  I'm in Geordieland if anyone wants a peek at them firstly? Establish comms with the onboard PM system please.