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The New Tiger 900 engine (all versions) 2024

Started by Giemelos, December 11, 2023, 01:52:58 PM

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Hello again to all members.
We are proud of this model now!
Finally our struggles a few months ago when we sent protest messages about the 888cc T Plane engine upgrade, and the pressure from all the Greek fan club members finally came to fruition and our efforts paid off successfully with 106.5 HP and 90Nm
We all together the entire official Greek Tiger Greece club and the rest of the Greek clubs urge and applaud all of you who want the best and even more and for further improvement of this engine in the future, to dare to speak out by sending messages with your demands in relation to the corresponding known Japanese three cylinder competitor of the same cubic centimeters.
Contact Triumph headquarters and dare to do it!

Kostas Giemelos
Honorary member of the Central Committee and official representative on behalf of the 2 Greek clubs and the 1.Association of Greek Triumph owners (and as also 2.Greek Tiger Club ) and fanatical members is based in Athens numbering about 15000 + members and throughout Greece.