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The new Tiger 900 engine

Started by Ossian, January 04, 2020, 10:42:06 PM

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Quote from: Bixxer Bob on March 02, 2021, 02:04:55 PM
Before you consider Ducati, ask the dealer if you can see their recall directory.  The last 5 volumes should do.  You don't so much own a Duc as join their product development team.

Replace Duc with BMW and you have the same criticism.
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I think you can say that about a lot of brands. To be honest, I am never that worried about it. I have had a BMW with 0 problems, I have had two Honda's that I had to do quite a bit of work on. I had to work on the Tiger and my Ducati. Then again, my nineties Alfa has next to no rust.  ;)
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Quote from: ghulst on March 02, 2021, 02:59:13 PM
Then again, my nineties Alfa has next to no rust.  ;)

Must have been a rogue one that missed quality control  :mut
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Hahahaha, perhaps. Still, I am happy about it. A friend of mine was always teasing me with the fact that Alfa's would rust so bad. Then his (newer) Astra failed the MOT because it needed major welding. So, his was scrapped. Mine sailed through.
BMW R 1200 GS 2010 - KTM 640 Adventure S - Ex Triumph Tiger 900 T400 1993, Tiger 800XC 2011


Hello because of all the discussion on this topic that is burning us very much , the engine of the 850 Sport is supposed to be more road and well but it is not 84 horses which are bad compared to the competition, the 900 GT and all its versions since it was first introduced was made for dirt use the T-Plane engine is shorter in filling in power could and better if the engineers had the Good Will but he was left to his own devices, and that is very unfair for only 94 horses and 87 newtometers. :icon_study:
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We will not leave them in peace if our demands are not met.I want you to know this well because I myself took the initiative as a representative to send on behalf of the Greek Tiger Club and the Greek Triathlon Club together with the central delegation of Greece to send our demands and a comprehensive review of the specific issues I mentioned to the central administration in Hinckley.
We keep walking them and if they don't do anything about the issue we are determined to travel to the central delegation with a mass participation of thousands of Triumph riders from Greece and once there let them bring the army even but nothing scares us as they will be hordes of thousands of motorcyclists, they don't take words we will react like this.
They have managed to destroy the reputation of the new generation with the restrictions and unacceptable performance especially the Tiger 850&900 where many years back they made this iconic model and established this class and successful formula where it was copied by the Japanese rival where it sells like crazy all over the world.
Protesting all these years we put up with this policy from Triumph and we are no longer satisfied! :nono

Something must be done and immediately!
And for your part, react with us, it is not possible to stand there and watch them without anyone making any remarks.
All of us Triumph enthusiasts have been waiting for so many years for this vindication and recognition that the company's emblem deserves.
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